RPG a Day – Day 2: First RPG Game Mastered

Day 2 of #RPGaDAY.

2. First RPG Game Mastered


Perhaps unsurprisingly, this going to be another entry about D&D.  Specifically, I got the “Introduction to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” boxed set for my 13th birthday, which fully opened the gates of my roleplaying experience.

These dice are still in my dice bag, almost 20 years on…

As with the boxed set from Day 1’s post, this was also nicely produced, with dungeon maps, a DMs screen, cut-down versions of the three rulebooks, a selection of six pre-generated characters on nifty illustrated cards, miniatures for the sample PCs (an important element for me at the time), and an audio CD.

The CD contained an example of play, as well as an assortment of dialogue and sound effects for the DM to play for the players at appropriate moments in the adventure.  Despite the only CD player we had as a family at the time being in my dad’s car, I listened to it repeatedly to glean insight into how to run a game, and ran my brother through the introductory adventure, precariously balancing maps and miniatures on the car seats.

Cheesy as the CD now sounds, it really was an effective tool to give me the confidence to run a game.  With some of the burden of dialogue and setting the scene taken away, I felt much happier about running the two adventures for my dad and brother.

The third adventure was more skeletal, and based on the assumption that you’d flesh it out into a full adventure yourself.  This proved to be a great gentle first step into adventure design for me, and took be from just drawing dungeon maps and filling rooms with monsters to actually thinking about the plot and narrative structure of the game.  My end result certainly wasn’t Shakespeare, but I like to think it wasn’t bad for a 13 year old’s first attempt.  I ran a few couple of adventures of my own design, but started to feel like I was running out of material, and rules to cover my PCs leveling up past level 5.

Which leads nicely on to Day 3’s post…

A couple of links about the RPG in question:




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