RPG a Day – Day 9: Favourite Die/Dice Set

Day 9 of #RPGaDAY, a little closer to being on time…

9 Favourite Die/Dice Set.

While I’ve got a lot of dice, I don’t have any particularly strong attachment to most of them.  So, this is going to be a bit of a shorter post than most.  However, one set does stand out.

Ellie got me a set of Fate Centurion dice for Christmas, and they’ve rapidly become some of my favourites.  They’re beautifully well designed, roll well, and just look exceedingly good.  I’m have some issues with the dice system of Fate at times, but strangely enough having some nice dice has really warmed me to it.  (And more generally, having some Fate/Fudge dice has made me much more enthusiastic about playing or running the system, as I’m no longer trying to muddle along with some ordinary d6s.)

Even the packaging is pretty.


Given what I’ve spent the day playing, I was also strongly tempted to review Marvel Dice Masters.  However, they don’t really quite count as a roleplaying product (being a combination CCG and collectable dice game), so I’ll just say that it’s a very neatly designed game that caters to my very specific taste for collectable dice games.



Fate Dice are easily available online.  Check out the Evil Hat Productions website for the full range, or pop into the Games Room if you’re in Norwich.

Marvel Dice Masters sets are incredibly difficult to get hold of, as they keep selling out.  But you can learn about the game on the official website.

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