RPG a Day – Day 15: Favourite Convention Game

Day 15 of #RPGaDAY.

Favourite Convention Game.

Where, once again, my nature as the perennial GM comes into play, as both games I’m talking about today are ones I’ve GMed.  Also in both cases I’m stretching the definition of “convention” to include the UEA GamesSoc 24 Hour Roleplaying event.

First up is the epic 13-hour session I ran for two groups going to the the Of Sound Mind adventure for 3.0 D&D .  It’s a very solidly designed adventure, both as a good general introduction to D&D (A village in trouble? A mysterious murder? Missing children? Strange happenings in a nearby mountain?) and for its inclusion of psionics as a core part of the adventure.  I’ve been a huge fan of psionics ever since encountering them in Dark Sun back in 2nd Ed, and it’s nice to see them well integrated into D&D rather than treated as a strange add-on.

The first play-through was done pretty straight, with the players going through things in a pretty logical fashion and taking a very efficient approach to things in general.  The second run through was a little… different… with some high energy roleplaying including a member of party OoC standing on a table to deliver their stirring speech to rouse the townsfolks into action, and the party wizard killing a goblin warrior with a thrown cow bell.  And yes, apparently it had got a fever…  Around the start of hour 14 I called it quits to get some food and a quick nap, but it was an excellent gaming experience.

The second game is something of a staple of my GMing, an introductory adventure I’ve run for new members of the UEA GamesSoc for the last… six or more years.

Exit 23

Originally an introductory scenario for Alternity’s Dark*Matter setting, Exit 23 is a neat piece of claustrophobic modern horror that converts very easily across to the New World of Darkness.  It’s very much ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances, and due it its setting (a snowed in Interstate rest stop) it’s very self-contained.

It’s worked well every time I’ve run it, with the PC triumphing by the skin of their teeth each time.  It’s always interesting to see which of the pre-generated characters get horribly maimed, and how the interactions between the characters play out.

It’s certainly a great way to bring new players into roleplaying, and seems to do a good job at getting those new players to stick around the society to try out other things as well.  Which really is all you can ask of any introductory game!



Of Sound Mind is sadly out of print, although a reasonable number of second hand copies can be found on Amazon and the like.

The Exit 23 scenario is included as part of the Dark*Matter Fast Play document which is avaiable from AlternityRPG.net.



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