RPG a Day – Day 16: Game You Wished You Owned

Day 16 of #RPGaDAY.

Game You Wish You Owned.

So, actually three choices here. The obligatory choice, the not not quite a game choice, and my actual choice.

The obligatory choice – Nobilis 2nd Edition.

This is one of those games that everyone wishes they owned. A game of gods (well, more or less) in the modern day, it’s a weird gem of an RPG. I’ve never had the chance to play it, but I’d dearly like to.

Now, Nobilis is actually still in print, with a third edition published in 2011. That’s a lovely book, and probably the best edition of the game to date, but it’s not the impressive tome that 2nd Edition was. It was a large format coffee-table book, beautifully produced and illustrated. I remember looking at it in Waterstones (or Ottakar’s as it was at the time), considering buying it, and then not having quite enough money to do so. It’s high on my list of RPG regrets…


The not quite a game choice – The Planescape Campaign setting boxed set.

This is another missed purchase from my youth. Planescape, the world and dimension-hopping setting for D&D opened up planar exploration to all characters, not just the most powerful magic users. It embraced the weird of D&D wholeheartedly, examined the extremes of the alignment system by embodying them in places and creatures, and just had so much style of its own.

It’s Victoriana fantasy done well, enhancing its setting and feel with these element rather than just using them for the sake of the aesthetic. The city of Sigil is an enduring element of D&D, appearing in various editions of D&D since the release of the Planescape setting.


The actual choice – The Dune RPG.

Possibly one of the rarest RPGs ever made, the Dune RPG only briefly saw print in 2000 shortly before the publishing company (Last Unicorn Games) was bought by Wizards of the Coast. The actual RPG was a little limited in scope, casting the PCs as members of the entourage of minor houses associated with one of the Great Houses. I guess it’s Star Wars syndrome, not wanting to put the PCs in the way of the main characters of the fiction.

Dune has always seemed like an obvious licensed property for an RPG, so I’m surprised there’s not been an attempt made to produce another (other than the short lived work on making a d20 version of this game). I can only assume there’s some complication or strings attached to the licence, given how obvious it seems, and how much Dune has influenced assorted RPG and wargaming settings.


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