RPG a Day – Day 23: Coolest Looking RPG Product/Book

Day 23 of #RPGaDAY.

Coolest Looking RPG Product/Book

Well, my limited edition Mage: the Ascension set certainly ranks pretty highly.

A very nicely put together slip-cased set, complete with an art book, it’s pretty enough that I don’t really read it much for fear of damaging it.  Unfortunately, it’s also the only copy of Ascension that I own until the M20 Kickstarter comes through…

On a similar topic, the Mage: the Awakening tarot deck is pretty gorgeous.

It’s complemented by the Keys to the Supernal Tarot book, which is an excellent book of plot hooks, locations, NPCs and Legacies to throw into an Awakening game, all themed around the major arcana cards.  I’ve got a huge amount of use out of that book over the years, and I suspect will continue to do so in games in the future.

I’ve already touched on Planescape, so go and read yesterday’s post for more on that.  But yeah, Planescape’s art is beautifully weird.

And finally there’s Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space.  Full disclaimer – this is my one RPG credit, as I was involved in the early brainstorming and system design for the game, but my own semi-professional bias towards it aside, I think it looks great.

It’s so very Who, and the later versions improve even further on that.  Well worth a look in my opinion. 🙂


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