RPG a Day – Day 24: Most Complicated RPG Owned

Day 24 of #RPGaDAY.

Most Complicated RPG Owned

Yeah, there’s only one possible answer to this…

At its core, there’s a moderately straightforward dice pool system.  Roll some d6s, 4s are successes, more successes is better.  But then there’s so much layered on top of that.  There’s three different types of “fate points” (actually called Artha, although slightly confusingly one of the Artha types is Fate…), combat works in scripted system where you set your actions secretly at the start of a round, and the numerical rating of your stats is referred to as an exponent.

It’s got a strong story-based element at its heart, although it does frequently feel obfuscated by the other mechanics layered on top of it.  Still, the Belief and Instincts mechanics are very neat and help to flesh out a character (Instincts in particular are something I’d like to play around with a little more, as effectively scripted bits of behaviour when triggered by the right circumstances).

It’s a game I doubt I’ll ever actually play, but one I’ve enjoyed reading.  If you get the chance to pick up a copy, I’d recommend it, if only to see an interesting take on game design.


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