[X-Wing] The C-ROC M-3As – Preview Thoughts

We’ve had quite a bit of X-Wing news happen while I was taking a bit of a break from the blog to do other things, so I’m playing catch up. Today we’ll take a look at the new M-3A pilots and upgrades coming in the C-ROC epic ship for Scum, as previewed in the Hit and Run article. (We’ll look at the C-ROC in more depth later on, as I’m very excited about Scum finally getting a huge ship to properly take part in Epic games.)

The Pilots

Sunny Bounder

A first for X-Wing, Sunny Bounder is a PS 1 unique pilot. Her ability is a unique one as well, letting you gamble on getting specific dice results to improve your chances.

Once per round, after you roll or reroll dice, if you have the same result on each of your dice, you may add 1 matching result.

So if you roll two hits on an attack, you can add a third. If you roll three focus icons when you’re defending, you get to add a fourth. It’s not an ability to rely on by any stretch of the imagination, but it can help Sunny punch above her weight. If you add in the Light Scyk title, she’s only 12 points, giving you a decent blocker with just a little bit more teeth than might be expected.

One point of note is that you can use Serissu’s reroll on defence to trigger Sunny’s ability. Not a huge thing, but a nice bit of synergy.


Coming in at PS 3 with an EPT slot, Inaldra’s willing to play with fire to put the odds in her favour.

When attacking or defending, you may spend 1 shield to reroll any number of your dice.

Frankly, I don’t see myself using her pilot ability much. The M-3A is just too fragile to be able to afford to burn its shield a lot of the time, even with the Pulsed Ray Shield being a thing. There are two circumstances where I’d be willing to use Inaldra’s ability – when I’ve blanked out on the green dice and she’d die without the reroll, and when I need to make sure an attack hits to take an enemy ship off the board. The second circumstance seems more likely, as still having a shield at the point you’d die without the reroll isn’t going to happen that much.

However, while her pilot ability might be a little underwhelming, she’s very competitively costed. 15 points for PS 3 and an EPT gives her a role in a lot of lists, and lets you add an Attanni Mindlinked ship into a list for just 14 points when combined with the Light Scyk Title. You’d need a good reason to want the PS 5 of a Tansarii Point Veteran to pay the extra two points for one.

Quinn Jast

My favourite (although probably not the best) of the new M-3A pilots, Quinn Jast finally makes using something other than a cannon on a Heavy Scyk a viable option.

At the start of the Combat phase, you may receive a weapons disabled token to flip one of your discarded (torpedo) or (missile) Upgrade cards faceup.

So, potentially unlimited ordnance from one ship. Realistically, this isn’t going to happen, but you can still have quite a punchy little ship. Quinn with Proton Rockets, Heavy Scyk, and Guidance Chips is an affordable 23 points for something that will leave your opponent desperate to avoid Range 1. Alternatively, you can add some Proton Torpedoes or Concussion Missiles for a point more, and bump the build up to 25 points with Deadeye to give some long range consistent damage.

As long as you don’t mind being out of the fight for a turn, you can take a turn to reload and come in for another pass. Even if Quinn never manages to reload, she should act as something of a distraction for your opponent – can they afford for her to live through her reloading turn, and come in for another run? You’re not missing out on much firepower by losing a 2 dice attack for a turn, and you can fly to minimise the damage you take and grab an evade token to make yourself as hard to hit as possible.

There’s a lot to like about Quinn, and I’m going to be putting her on the table as soon as the C-ROC is released.

Genesis Red

Finally we come to the real ace of the bunch, Genesis Red. PS 7 and an EPT gives him some meaningful options, and his pilot ability is pretty strong to boot.

After you acquire a target lock, assign focus and evade tokens to your ship until you have the same number of each token as the locked ship.

With both /x7 Defenders and Mindlink lists a prominent part of the game (even after the most recent FAQ), this allows you to hijack your opponent’s action economy and turn it to your own ends. Given the nature of Genesis’ ability, Pilot Skill is key, as he needs to be taking his action after at least some of your opponent’s ships have acted. As a result, I’m expecting to see Veteran Instincts more or less stapled to his pilot card, although he’s not a bad addition to a Mindlink list either.

If nothing else, Genesis Red with a Heavy Laser Cannon stands a good chance of getting fully modified four dice shots every time he fires. That’s nothing to be sniffed at, although it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s a minimum of 28 points you’re investing in a 3 hull, 1 shield ship to do that… Still, with the ability to reach PS 9, I’m fully expecting Genesis Red to become something of a go-to pocket ace for Scum, which is something they’ve not really had to date.


ARC Caster

The first of two “Rebel and Scum only” upgrade cards in the C-ROC pack, the ARC Caster is a short range cannon of indiscriminate firepower, coming in with a cheap 2 point price tag. It’s also the first Dual card secondary weapon we’ve seen in the game, although I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Attack 4, Range 1

Side A:
Attack: Attack 1 ship. If this attack hits, you mush choose 1 other ship at Range 1 of the defender to suffer 1 damage. Then flip this card.

Side B:
(Recharging) At the start of the Combat phase, you may receive a weapons disabled token to flip this card.

So, you get a relatively beefy attack at range 1, and get to splash damage onto another ship. Note, that other ship can be the one firing the ARC Caster if there’s nothing else at Range 1 of the defender, so be a bit careful about when you’re firing it…

While it doesn’t explicitly say it, this is more or less an M-3A only card. All of the other ships that can take this upgrade, with the exception of the YT-2400, have a 3 dice primary attack, giving them 4 dice at range 1 anyway. It’s a nice short range damage spike for a Heavy Scyk if you’re trying to build one on a budget, but the risk of dealing damage to yourself isn’t to be ignored given the M-3A’s fragile frame.

I love the idea behind this upgrade, and the recharge mechanic is a neat one I hope to see more of in future, but I can’t seen the ARC Caster getting any competitive play. The benefits are too small, and two points more gets you a Mangler Cannon with Range 1-3 firepower and no risk of damaging yourself. That said, a couple of these in a list would be deeply worrying for any list with Biggs or Manaroo in it…
Pulsed Ray Shield

The second of the “Rebel and Scum only” upgrades, the Pulsed Ray Shield opens up shield regeneration to a range of ships, but at a cost.

During the End phase, you may receive 1 ion token to recover 1 shield (up to your shield value). You equip this card only if your shield value is “1”.

Regen for 2 points is pretty strong, but the ion token is a high price to pay. Under a lot of circumstances, you’re not going to be getting a shot the round you’re ioned, and you’re flagging it far enough in advance for your opponent to fully capitalise on it.

However, it does give a bit of extra durability to a few ships that could use it. The HWK-290, Khiraxz, M-3A, and StarViper are the only eligible candiates for this as things stand. Of those, the StarViper will almost always prefer to take Autothrusters (same slot, same price, better effect in my opinion). However, it effectively adds a (very obvious) 1 straight to the dial of the Khiraxz and M-3A, and there’s a decent number of occasions when a HWK with a turret won’t mind just drifting forwards. It combines particularly well with a ship equipped with the ARC Caster or with Quinn Jast’s ability, as both of them will be taking a turn out from shooting.

I don’t think we’ll see too much of this in competitive play, but it adds some options to some ships that could use a bit of help, and may mess with your opponent’s targeting priorities if your ships start popping on shield again. I’m interested to give it some table time and see how it works out.

Final Thoughts

There’s some really nice stuff in here.  The new M-3A pilots give a real boost to the ship, and I’ve bought a third M-3A in preparation for getting a fourth with the C-ROC so I can throw down some Scyk aces.  Sunny, Quinn, and Genesis Red all seem like they have some competitive potential, and even Inaldra, for all that her ability feels lacking, is still a supremely cheap way of getting an extra EPT slot into a list.

I’m less certain about the ARC Caster and Pulsed Ray Shield, although I think the Ray Shield has some potential uses.  And I’m sure someone will find a trick or two to do with the ARC Caster en mass…


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